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Table 2 Post-pilot survey summary

From: A drug use survey among clients of harm reduction sites across British Columbia, Canada, 2012

  Description Feedback
Part 1 Consisted of 7 statements to be rated on a Likert scale: 1. We would be willing to do the survey again next year (once per year).
☐ Strongly agree 2. We would consider doing the survey twice per year.
☐ Agree
☐ Neutral 3. The questions were easy to understand and answer.
☐ Disagree
☐ Strongly disagree 4. The staff and peers involved with the survey felt it was valuable information.
5. The administration of the survey to clients was minimally disruptive to our regular activities.
6. We estimate the decline/refusal rate was within acceptable limits (under 15%).
7. Administration of the survey to clients by staff or peers is preferred over self-administration.
Part 2 Consisted of three open-ended statements for completion 1. What went well for us
2. What did not go so well
3. Suggestions for improvement
Part 3 Consisted of contacting select staff and peers who had administered the survey for feedback on wording of individual questions, how questions were received by clients, and suggestions for improvement  
  1. Summary of 2012 post-pilot survey of staff and peers.