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Table 1 Sources for variables used in mathematical modelling

From: A cost-benefit/cost-effectiveness analysis of an unsanctioned supervised smoking facility in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, Canada

Variable Value Source
Rate of pipe sharing (s) 80.0% Ivsins et al. [44]
Number of pipes in circulation (N) 90,000 VANDU [45], Mui [46]
Percentage of pipes not cleaned (d) 33.0% Scheinmann et al. [47]
Number of sharing partners (m) 6.30 Gyarmathy and Neaigus [48]
Proportion of crack users who are HCV negative (I) 83.0% Fischer et al. [49]
Proportion of crack users who are HCV positive (q) 17.0% Fischer et al. [49]
Probability of HCV infection from single crack pipe (t) 2.00% Fischer et al. [23], Gilbert et al. [50]