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Table 2 Mexico’s UNODC treaty adherence status

From: Mexico’s “ley de narcomenudeo” drug policy reform and the international drug control regime

Treaty Number of parties Treaty entry into force Mexico’s date of ratification Mexico’s adherence status
Single convention on narcotic drugs (1961) 184 8 August 1975 27 April 1977 No reservations
Convention on psychotropic substances (1971) 183 16 August 1976 20 February 1975a Indigenous ethic group traditional use of wild plants containing psychotropic substances in Schedule I
UN convention against illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances (1988) 188 11 November 1990 11 April 1990 Reservation against USA unilateral claim to justification for denying legal assistance to a State that requests it
  1. aAccession.