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Table 4 Reasons for AMS clients not seeking treatment or advice from a community pharmacist when suffering from health problems identified in Table 2 (N = 208)

From: Health problems and help-seeking activities of methadone maintenance clients at Auckland Methadone Service (AMS): potential for community pharmacy service expansion?

  N %
Cannot afford it 88 42.1
Prefer to wait until the problem gets better 77 36.8
Believing pharmacist lacks understanding about client health problems 38 18.2
Not private enough 32 15.3
Concerns about confidentiality 26 12.4
Prefer to seek treatment and advice from someone else 25 12.0
Time consuming 13 6.2
Have medicine at home 9 4.3
  1. (NB respondents could tick up to three from a list. Those ticking more than three were excluded from this analysis).
  2. (Data missing on 1 case)