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Table 4 Content of OAS items: each is rated on a five-point scale

From: Development and validation of an Opioid Attractiveness Scale: a novel measure of the attractiveness of opioid products to potential abusers

1 Painful to snort or inject
2 Ability to conceal or hide
3 Duration of withdrawal symptoms
4 Messy to use
5 Ability to change into another form for recreational use
6 Presence of toxic metabolites
7 Solubility in water, vinegar, alcohol, etc
8 This medication's duration of effect
9 Short onset (works quickly)
10 Potency compared to morphine
11 Contains waxes, gums, binders, fillers or other impurities
12 Contains an opioid antagonist
13 Divisible into smaller doses
14 Ability to use in different ways (snort, smoke, eat, IV, etc) to get different highs
15 Designed in a way that is difficult to abuse to get a high
16 This medication comes in high doses
17 Drug considered to have high (or low) potential for abuse (DEA classification)
  1. Note: The specific item for each drug is worded so that a higher rating reflects a greater degree of 'attractiveness.'