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Table 1 Prevalence of narghile smoking among young females of the Arabic states

From: The changing trends in tobacco smoking for young Arab women; narghile, an old habit with a liberal attitude

Researchers Country Age Category Prevalence
Labib et al (2007)[5] Egypt University students 37.8%
Maziak et al (2004)[1] Syria University students 4.9%
Azab et al (2010)[2] Jordan University students 19%
Al-Mulla et al (2008)[12] Gulf states 13-15 years 6.4%-12%
Mandil et al (2010)[14] Saudi Arabia University students 2%
Tamim et al (2003)[10] Lebanon University students 23.4%
Harrabi et al (2010)[15] Tunisia 13-17 years 0.2%