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Table 4 Significant correlations of cannabis use

From: Correlates to the variable effects of cannabis in young adults: a preliminary study

Variables Coefficient P value
Age & Duration of MJ usage 0.582 0.000
Age & Age Diagnosis Depression 0.581 0.037
Age of Onset MJ Use & Duration of MJ Use −0.517 0.000
Age of onset Alcohol Use & Age of onset MJ Use 0.450 0.000
Age of onset MJ use & Factor Component 3 (Paranoia/Delusions & Hallucinations) −0.255 0.010
MJ Frequency of use &Years of MJ Use 0.318 0.001
MJ Frequency of use & Age of onset MJ Use −0.301 0.002
Ageb onset of MJ use & Altered concentration and memory 0.222* 0.027
  1. a. The first seven correlations are Pearson, 24 analyses ran and the eighth correlation is PHI, 16 analyses ran.
  2. b. Based on the two categories above and below the mean.
  3. c. Bonferonni Correction not used regarding these correlations.