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Table 1 Strategies for engaging with law enforcement agencies by the HIV/AIDS Asia Regional Program (HAARP)

From: Partnering with law enforcement to deliver good public health: the experience of the HIV/AIDS Asia regional program

No. Strategies Countries
1. Locating the programme in drug control agencies and signing agreements of partnership Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar
2. Working with existing national inter-agency mechanisms, e.g. national Task Forces Cambodia, Laos
3. Involving law enforcement in the governance of the programme All HAARP countries
4. Supporting large-scale training of law enforcement officials on harm reduction Myanmar, China, Cambodia, Viet Nam
5. Providing financial and technical resources to develop capacity of drug control agencies Cambodia and Viet Nam
6. Supporting HIV-related activities in prisons and drug detention centres Viet Nam and China
7. Supporting study trips of senior officials and politicians Cambodia, Viet Nam, Laos, China