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Table 5 Outcome of latest quit attempt among subjects who reported use of a quitting aid

From: Population-based survey of cessation aids used by Swedish smokers

  Usage (%) Success rate P1 P2
Males (N=1,226):     
Snus 21.6 80.7 - n.s.
Nicotine gum 5.2 58.1 <0.001 n.s.
Nicotine patch 2.9 54.9 <0.001 n.s.
Counseling 6.8 57.4 <0.001 n.s.
Other 3.5 70.5 n.s. n.s.
Females (N=1,206)     
Snus 5.6 72.3 -  
Nicotine gum 9.0 60.7 n.s.  
Nicotine patch 5.7 48.6 0.012  
Counseling 9.3 58.9 n.s.  
Other 5.5 66.5 n.s.  
  1. Usage refers to proportion reporting use of a specific method to the total number of subjects reporting a quit attempt. Success rate was defined as the proportion of subjects reporting no smoking at the time of the survey to the total number of subjects reporting use of the cessation aid in question. P1 relate to comparisons of the success rate for snus versus other methods. P2 relate to comparisons between males and females using the same method, n.s. denotes not statistically significant (p>0.05).