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Table 3 Multivariate GEE model of predictors of engaging in sex trade after baseline

From: Sex work involvement among women with long-term opioid injection drug dependence who enter opioid agonist treatment

Variable (a) OR p-value
  (95% CI)  
Heroin use: 1.26 0.01
Every 5 day increase (1.05, 1.15)  
Cocaine use: 1.36 < 0.001
Every 5 day increase (1.16, 1.60)  
Psychological symptoms: (b) 1.07 < 0.001
Every 1 unit increase (1.03, 1.11)  
  1. OR: Odds ratios; CI: Confidence Interval;
  2. Model adjusted by ethnicity, interaction between age and randomization arm, treatment retention (not significant) and study site and baseline sex work (significant).
  3. (a) All variables refer to the prior month;
  4. (b) MAP (Maudsley Addiction Profile). Scores range from 0 to 40; higher scores are indicative of more symptoms.