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Table 1 Background information on the DCRs

From: A qualitative study of how Danish drug consumption rooms influence health and well-being among people who use drugs

Existing DCRs Type of DCR Opening hours Opening days Places injecting Places smoking Registered users (unique) Users daily Staff background
Aarhus Integrated model: health clinic, shelter 7 h (8:00 am–3:00 pm) Weekdays plus Saturdays 5 2 176 10–20 Nurses, nursing aides, social educator
Odense Integrated model: health clinic, shelter Five and a half hours (8:30 am–2:00 pm) Weekdays plus Saturdays 5 0 296 30–40 Nursing aides, social workers, social educators
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Integrated model: health clinic, shelter 23 h (6:00 am–5:00 am) Every day 8 6 3092 300 Nurses, social educators
Specialized model: health clinic 6 h (11:30 am–5:30 pm) Weekdays plus Saturdays 8 0 100 Nurses, social educators
Mobile DCR
Mobile 5 h (12:30 pm–5:30 pm) Weekdays plus Saturdays 4 0 No registration 50 Nurses