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Table 4 Values, notes and sources for variables used to predict savings from averted overdose deaths

From: Mitigating the heroin crisis in Baltimore, MD, USA: a cost-benefit analysis of a hypothetical supervised injection facility

Variable Value Note Source
Percent overdose death reduction within 500 m attributed to Insite (r) 25.7% 36% reduction within 500 m of Insite vs. 9.3% further away Marshall et al. [46]
Largest share of naloxone administrations within 500-m radius in Baltimore (n) 5% Lowered from 6.2% to account for reversion to mean based on limited years of data BCFD [97]
Annual Baltimore overdose deaths (D) 463 Heroin-related overdose deaths in first three quarters of 2016 extrapolated to full year DHMH [1, 47]
Estimated value per overdose death averted (V) $503,869 Calculated by authors using the variables below.  
Average years until retirement (N) 30 Assuming retirement age of 65 Genberg et al. [49]
Median wage for Baltimore City (W) $25,707   Census Bureau [98]
Discount rate (r) 3%   Andresen and Boyd [44]