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Table 1 Evaluation criteria

From: A national public health programme on gambling policy development in New Zealand: insights from a process evaluation

Evaluation criteria

What was measured and analysed

Target group identification

• Range of target organisations/groups identified for the different programme components

• Range of partner groups identified for collaborations

Relationship development

• Methods used to attract participation of individuals, groups and organisations

• Relationship development processes and methods

Resource development

• Types and features of resources developed

• Use of resources and resultant effects

Awareness raising

• Types and features of awareness activities delivered

• Advise on gambling harm significance provided to organisations

• Policy relevance communicated to organisations

• Target organisations’ receptions/reactions

Policy development

• Types and range of policy lobbying and advocacy activities delivered and target organisations’ reactions

• Types and range of policy development and implementation support provided to organisations

• Methods used to encourage community involvement and action

• Achievements in the three intended policy focus areas


• Barriers, challenges and external factors that could potentially influence programme implementation and/or outcome