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Table 1 Items covered in the questionnaire

From: Associating conditional cash transfer to universal access to treatment could be the solution to the HCV epidemic among drug users (DUs)

Year of birth (S)
Country of origin (N)
Education (N): primary school, college, bachelor’s degree, university, master
Housing (N): owner, tenant, parents, friends, shelter, homeless
Work (N): permanent and fixed term contract, studies, unemployment, pension, none
Source of income: employment, unemployment, income support, disability, illegal, none (N)
Health insurance: mutual health insurance, general, universal health-care coverage, adult disablement allowance, none, State Medical Aid (N)
Drugs (start date (S), life and current use (N)): heroin, cocaine, alcohol, misused opiate substitution therapy (MOST), amphetamine and other stimulants, ecstasy, ketamine, LSD and hallucinogen, benzodiazepine, codeine, cannabis
Drug use (life long, current) (N): alone, with a partner, with a friend, in a group
Conviviality of the use of drugs (N): alone, with one’s partner, with friends or in a group
Type of use (N): sharing of needles and syringes (NSS) and its level, sharing of drug injection paraphernalia, sharing of straws, sharing of pipes (crack)
Sharing at a time of craving (N): NSS, drug paraphernalia, straw, pipe
Access to sterile (N): needle and syringes, drug paraphernalia, straw and pipe
Source of syringes and drug paraphernalia: (N) pharmacy, UDs’ service, bus, entourage
Opiate substitution therapy (OST): methadone, buprenorphine, morphine sulfate (current and past prescription, start date, injection)
Police crackdown on injections and opiate substitution (N)
HCV (N): screening (presence and date), serology (result and date), reasons invoked so as not to be screened and treated, knowledge of treatment efficacy, treatment, HCV immediate screening acceptance
HBV (N): screening (presence and date), serology (result and date), knowledge of vaccination and treatment efficacy and side effects, vaccination, treatment
HIV (N): screening (presence and date), serology (result and date), treatment
Sources of information on health (NB): friends, television, press (free and paid-for), Internet (computer and smartphone) and social networks, GP, DUs’ service, pharmacy, festive stand of prevention, leaflet
Life plans (NB):
 Social: find housing, change housing, pay one’s debts, find a job, change job, be entitled to social security
 Health: taking care of one’s teeth, making a health check, screening for hepatitis, treating one’s hepatitis, vaccination, treating skin ulcers
 Drug: decrease drug use, control drug use, stop drug use, decrease treatment
Circle: found a family, come out of isolation, do an activity, see one’s family, find a companion
Fears (NB): of stopping drug use, of not being able to stop drug use, of overdoses, of going to jail, of not being able to pay one’s debts, of contamination, of losing one’s job, of losing one’s friends, of losing the custody of one’s children, of losing contact with one’s group, of staying alone
Social networks (number met during the last 2 weeks (S)): parents, friends, partner, co-workers, healthcare professionals, drug users, dealers
Sexual preference (N)
Number of sexual partners (last 6 months) (S)
Use of condoms (last 6 months) (N)
Care (start date, current and past)(NB): low threshold services, drug treatment center, GPs, bus
  1. S scale, N nominal, NB nominal binary