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Table 1 Evaluation framework used to assess the impact of mobile supervised consumption services on clients, service providers, and community stakeholders

From: Mobile supervised consumption services in Rural British Columbia: lessons learned

Evaluation domains Evaluation questions
1. Implementation and programme delivery 1. Are the services being provided as intended at the mobile sites?
2. To what extent are clients accessing services on the mobile units?
2. Client experience 3. How good is the client experience for those accessing services on the mobile unit?
3. Connection to services and health outcomes 4. Is the mobile service having a positive impact on client health outcomes? (e.g. overdose events, referrals, behaviours, primary care needs, successful linkage to other health services)
4. Provider experience 5. How positive is the provider experience?
5. Public experience and perceptions 6. To what extent are community stakeholders supportive of the mobile units?