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Table 5 Comments by community members related to the mobile supervised consumption services

From: Mobile supervised consumption services in Rural British Columbia: lessons learned

General positive comments
 “People’s lives have been saved”
 “As the problem of fentanyl lacing becomes worse and more people are affected by it, the more important supervised consumption sites become.”
 “I feel that there are more resources now in our community for people struggling with addictions, which is great to see….”
 “The challenges continue to grow. We increasingly need to support solutions not criticize the problem.”
Negative comments (majority)
 “The service has attracted more drug addicted individuals in the area. The education portion does not seem to be working. There does not seem to be any available information / follow up on the drug use prevention side of things.”
 “Huge increase in amount of needles left in the streets and parks. Seems like there are more addicts in my area now, more trash, more human feces in public areas. I don’t feel we are helping these addicts at all, only helping them to destroy their lives further.”
 “Crime has gone up in this area, can no longer walk downtown after dark or on Sundays. Finding an increase needles in parks and sidewalks in the downtown core. Seen an increase in people high on drugs.”
 “Increased drug use around our building and parking areas. Our staff and clients feel less secure and we have had to increase our security (increased cost). Clients are commenting that feel less secure in the area.”
 “I have noticed a significant increase in drug consumption, loitering and litter near my workplace and parking space.”
 “My staff feel less secure in the area, I feel less secure in the area.”