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Table 3 Toxicity classification of a mixture containing all flavouring chemicals at the maximum concentrations reported by Vardavas et al.

From: Toxicity classification of e-cigarette flavouring compounds based on European Union regulation: analysis of findings from a recent study

Classification hazardATEmix or total concentration (%) of all compounds with the same hazard classificationATEmix limit or minimum concentration for classification of toxicity% difference1
Η302 Category 44726≤ 2000− 57.7%
Η304 Category 10.000110> − 99.9%
Η315 Category 21.782410− 82.2%
Η317 Category 10.34511− 65.5%
Η319 Category 24.28910− 57.1%
Η334 Category 12.51871151.9%
Η335 Category 33.526910− 64.7%
Η400 Category 10.007725> − 99.9%
Η410 Category 10.000125> − 99.9%
Η411 Category 20.089625− 99.6%
Η412 Category 30.925525− 96.3%
  1. 1Percent difference between the maximum concentration reported by Vardavas et al. and the concentration needed to be classified as toxic
  2. Italics represents the compound and hazard exceeding the limits for toxicity classification