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Table 1 The perceived accessibility and quality of needle exchange programmes in Visegrad countries, the number of needles distributed per client, the geographical coverage of NSPs and the prevalence of HCV among PWID

From: Needle exchange programmes in Visegrad countries: a comparative case study of structural factors in effective service delivery

  Perceived NSP accessibility Perceived NSP quality Needles distributed per client per year in 2017a The proportion of cities where NPS are present in 2017b Prevalence of HCV among PWIDc
CZ 8.9 9.3 199 65% 14.7% (2017)
PL 4.7 7 35 7% 57.9% (2017)
SK 3.5 7.5 184 16% 42.3% (2017)
HU 1.8 5.1 65 21% 49.7% (2015)
  1. Sources [5,6,7] own data
  2. aThe calculations of the number of needles distributed per client are based on the data in countries’ annual reports (2017) to EMCDDA, with the exception of: the number of needles distributed per client in Slovakia, where EMCDDA data is not available, and the information on the number of clients were obtained by the author directly from the services
  3. bThe calculations of the proportion of the cities where NSPs are available are based on the information retrieved from NSPs’ websites and annual reports and the total number of cities in each country
  4. cThe data are based on countries’ annual reports to EMCDDA