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Table 4 Examples for ratings of the life events according to the life domain

From: Using life course charts to assess and compare trajectories of amphetamine type stimulant consumption in different user groups: a cross-sectional study

Life domainPositiveNegativeNeutral
Parents/familyCaring, supportive parentsDivorce of parents, parental alcohol dependence, domestic violenceBeing adopted, in general good family relationships
SchoolCompleted post-compulsory, graduation, certificationExcluded from school, bullying, not completed schoolCompleted school
Education/workStarted University, regular/proper workUnemployment, stressful job, dealing drugsTemporary employment, full-time employment
FriendsGood social network, drug-free friends, having best friendsNo friends, social isolation, drug using/dealing friendsPartying or clubbing with friends
Romantic partnerNew romantic relationship, marriage, stable partnershipDrug using partner, divorce, separation, domestic violenceBeing single, divorce, multiple sex partners
LivingHaving own flat, with own family/childrenHomeless, kicked-out of home, assisted livingAlone, with parents, with boyfriend, in hostel
Illness Mental health problems, self-harm, physical injuriesDiagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, physical recovery in hospital
Criminal justice system Imprisonment, conviction, arrestsDrug-related crime, occasional/minor offenses
TreatmentDetoxification, outpatient drug treatment, psychotherapy, psychiatryIn hospital, in psychiatryDetoxification, psychiatry, rehabilitation
Religion/spiritualityYoga, meditationStrong aversion to faith and churchCatholic upbringing, atheist
LeisureTravelling, playing music, sportBoredom, social isolation, drug use, always staying at homeClubbing, festivals, raves