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Table 2 Sociodemographic characteristics, substance-related data and forensic data among the study population. Percentages

From: Investigating opioid-related fatalities in southern Sweden: contact with care-providing authorities and comparison of substances

 Methadone (n = 82) (reference)Buprenorphine (n = 30)Heroin (n = 40)Fentanyl (n = 28)Total (n = 180)
Age at death, median (Q1; Q3)a34.5 (25.75; 43.25)30.5 (26.0; 38.0)35.0 (27.25; 44.50)35.5 (27.5; 46.0)34.5 (26.25; 42.75)
Gender (male)82.986.785.071.482.2
Stable housing70.776.765.064.369.4
Intoxication occurred in a private residence81.793.372.575.080.6
Needle marks31.730.097.5***39.347.2
Alcohol (> 0.5‰)b9.816.737.5***10.717.2
CNS stimulants26.510.032.517.923.3
Opioid onlyc3.*6.7
  1. Methadone is the reference value for x2 comparisons between the substances
  2. *p value of < 0.05; ***p value of < 0.001
  3. aIndependent samples Mann-Whitney U test used to compare medians between groups
  4. bTwo cases were removed because the analyses had not been carried out on femoral blood. Both these cases were methadone intoxications
  5. cFisher’s exact test was used for this variable