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Table 3 Contact with health care services during the year prior to death. Percentages

From: Investigating opioid-related fatalities in southern Sweden: contact with care-providing authorities and comparison of substances

 Methadone (n = 82) (reference)Buprenorphine (n = 30)Heroin (n = 40Fentanyl (n = 28)Total (n = 180)
Health care contact73.273.377.578.675.0
Inpatient health care54.940.050.053.651.1
Physical health care52.453.357.569.756.1
Inpatient physical health care36.633.330.046.436.1
Psychiatric/addiction health care39.
Inpatient psychiatric/addiction health care32.923.335.032.131.7
Opioid substitution treatment32.916.717.510.7*23.3
Previous intoxication26.840.035.035.732.2
Attempted suicideb11.
  1. Methadone is the reference value for x2 comparisons between the substances.
  2. *p value of < 0.05
  3. bFisher’s exact test used for this variable