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Table 2 MMT facility evaluation criteria among patient

From: Preferences for methadone clinics among drug users in Vietnam: a comparison between public and private models

Characteristicsn%Availability and convenience of serviceCompetencies of clinic and health professionals
Evaluation items
 Convenient opening hours32381.8 0.63
 Health worker skills and abilities23359.0 0.91
 Health worker attitude19649.6 0.89
 Facilities, equipment20351.40.62 
 Able to treat other diseases30477.00.84 
 Able to present comprehensive care32482.00.86 
 Service to support to adhere to treatment18647.10.87 
 Support to financial/procedures21153.40.89 
 Cronbach’s alpha  0.810.80
Domain score
 Mean  6.437.09
 SD  1.381.38