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Table 3 MMT preference among patient

From: Preferences for methadone clinics among drug users in Vietnam: a comparison between public and private models

CharacteristicsPrivate facilityPublic facilityTotalp value
Know other MMT facility in Nam Dinh15579.517286.032782.80.09*
Plan to change MMT facility00.052.551.30.06¢
Had received MMT treatment at other MMT facility7940.57537.515439.00.54*
Location of last MMT facility
 In the same district7898.76789.314594.20.01¢
 In other districts within the province00.079.374.6 
 In other provinces11.311.321.3 
Reason to use service in current MMT facility
 Near distance7898.76789.314594.20.02¢
 Convenient opening hours1316.52229.33522.70.06*
 Health worker skills and abilities78.91520.02214.30.05*
 Health worker attitude67.62634.73220.8< 0.01*
 Facilities, equipment11.3810.795.80.02*
 Able to treat other diseases11.311.321.31.00¢
 Able to present inter-professional care00.011.310.70.49¢
Most important reason to change to current MMT facility (n = 154)
 Near distance7696.25472.013084.4< 0.01¢
 Health worker capacity and attitude22.51216.0149.1 
 MeanSDMeanSDMeanSDp value
MMT service satisfaction8.< 0.01#
  1. *Chi-square test, ¢Fisher exact test, #Mann-Whitney rank sum test