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Table 1 Participant demographics and tobacco use before e-cigarette use initiation

From: Patterns of tobacco and e-cigarette use status in India: a cross-sectional survey of 3000 vapers in eight Indian cities

 n (%) or median (IQR)
Participants3000 (100)
 Eastern India375 (12.5)
 Western India1125 (37.5)
 Northern India375 (12.5)
 Southern India1125 (37.5)
Age (years)29 (25–35)
 Male2443 (81.4)
 Female557 (18.6)
 Less than Senior School Certificate6 (0.2)
 Secondary/High School Certificate340 (11.3)
 Graduate/postgraduate1874 (62.5)
 Professional degree780 (26.0)
First nicotine product ever tried
 Combustible tobacco12143 (71.4)
 Chewing (oral) tobacco284 (9.5)
 Pharmaceutical nicotine product49 (1.6)
 E-cigarette524 (17.5)
Smoking before e-cigarette use initiation2350 (78.3)
 Boxed or roll-your-own cigarettes2002 (66.7)
 Beedies33 (1.1)
 Both315 (10.5)
Smoking duration (months)72 (50–108)
Daily smoking consumption before e-cigarette use initiation8 (6–10)
FTCD before e-cigarette use initiation4 (3–5)
SLT use before e-cigarette use initiation396 (13.2)
Duration of SLT use60(37–93)
SLT consumption (times per day)5 (4–7)
SLT users who also smoked tobacco390 (98.5)
  1. 1The question defined combustible tobacco as “Cigarettes, Cigarillos, Beedies, Hukka/Pipe/Shisha, Cigar, etc.”
  2. FTCD Fagerstrom Test for Cigarette Dependence, SLT smokeless tobacco