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Table 4 Self-reported effects of e-cigarettes on tobacco use status of study participants

From: Patterns of tobacco and e-cigarette use status in India: a cross-sectional survey of 3000 vapers in eight Indian cities

 n (%)
Smoking status (n = 2350)
 Quit smoking706 (30.0)
 Reduce smoking consumption970 (41.3)
 Quit but then relapsed314 (13.4)
 No reduction in smoking consumption311 (13.2)
 Increase in smoking consumption49 (2.1)
SLT use status (n = 680)
 Quit SLT use264 (38.8)
 Reduce SLT consumption204 (30.0)
 Quit but then relapsed149 (21.9)
 No reduction in SLT consumption61 (9.0)
 Increase in SLT consumption2 (0.3)