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Table 2 Weighted and unweighted proportion distribution of risk factors among PWID (N = 611)

From: Prevalence and risk factors associated with HIV-1 infection among people who inject drugs in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: a sign of successful intervention?

PredictorNumber of participants (n)Unweighted proportion (%)Weighted proportion (%)
Used needle previous used by others in the past 1 month
Ever shared a needle with someone else
Taken any non-injected drugs other than alcohol in the last 3 months
Duration of injection drugs
 < 1 year477.79.0
 1–3 years10817.717.0
 4–6 years11719.129.0
 7–9 years7612.412.0
 10+ years26343.044.0
Used a new sterile needle last time injected
Ever used a male condom
Alcohol consumption
 2–3 times a week315.14.9
 more times a week396.45.1
 2–4 times a month12720.820.0
Experience of both form of violence
Experience of sexual violence
Experience of physical violence