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Table 3 Conditions reported as reasons for using medical cannabis

From: Medical cannabis use in the Australian community following introduction of legal access: the 2018–2019 Online Cross-Sectional Cannabis as Medicine Survey (CAMS-18)

ConditionRankMain conditiona (n = 1331)Any conditionb (n = 1382)
Conditionn (%)cConditionn (%)c
Pain Total499 (37.5%)Total852 (61.6%)
1Back pain135 (10.1%)Back pain477 (34.5%)
2Arthritis79 (5.9%)Arthritis262 (19.0%)
3Nerve pain75 (5.6%)Headaches215 (15.6%)
4Fibromyalgia52 (3.9%)Neck pain202 (14.6%)
5All others158 (12.0%)All others638 (46.1%)
Mental health Total437 (32.8%)Total621 (44.9%)
1Anxiety168 (12.6%)Anxiety450 (32.6%)
2Depression113 (8.5%)Depression386 (27.9%)
3PTSD82 (6.2%)PTSD191 (13.8%)
4Bipolar affective disorder15 (1.1%)Addiction to other substances67 (4.8%)
5All others59 (4.5%)All others198 (14.3%)
Sleep Total123 (9.2%)Total679 (49.1%)
1Insomnia94 (7.1%)Insomnia573 (41.5%)
2Circadian rhythm disorder9 (0.7%)Sleep movement disorder140 (10.1%)
3Sleep movement disorder9 (0.7%)Circadian rhythm disorder74 (5.4%)
4Parasomnia1 (0.1%)Sleep breathing disorder55 (4.0%)
5All others10 (0.8%)All others70 (5.1%)
Neurological Total69 (5.2%)Total147 (10.6%)
1Epilepsy26 (2.0%)Epilepsy45 (3.3%)
2Autism14 (1.1%)Autism27 (2.0%)
3Multiple Sclerosis13 (1.0%)Multiple Sclerosis18 (1.3%)
4Dementia1 (0.1%)Dementia6 (0.4%)
5All others15 (1.2%)All others71 (5.2%)
Cancer Total50 (3.8%)Total106 (7.7%)
1Blood cancers8 (0.6%)Breast19 (1.4%)
2Gastrointestinal cancers6 (0.5%)Skin17 (1.2%)
3Brain5 (0.4%)Brain15 (1.1%)
4Breast5 (0.4%)Reproductive15 (1.1%)
5All others26 (2.1%)All others57 (4.1%)
Gastrointestinald Total40 (3.0%)Total175 (12.7%)
1Crohn’s disease10 (0.8%)Irritable Bowel Syndrome101 (7.3%)
2Ulcerative colitis10 (0.8%)Ulcerative Collitis25 (1.8%)
3Irritable Bowel syndrome9 (0.7%)Crohn’s Disease19 (1.4%)
4All others11 (0.8%)All others60 (4.3%)
Other Total113 (8.5%)Total165 (11.9%)
1Auto-immune condition33 (2.5%)Auto-immune condition64 (4.6%)
2Gynaecological condition25 (1.9%)Skin condition43 (3.1%)
3Infectious disease9 (0.7%)Respiratory conditions41 (3.0%)
4Skin condition9 (0.7%)Gynaecological condition31 (2.2%)
5All others37 (2.9%)All others88 (6.5%)
  1. aRespondents could only select one main condition that they treated with cannabis
  2. bRespondents could select up to five conditions that they treated with cannabis
  3. cPercentages displayed represent the proportion each specific category makes up of the entire available sample (i.e. n/1331 for main condition and n/1382 for any condition)
  4. dThere were only three specific conditions listed under the gastrointestinal group, and an ‘other’ category