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Table 4 Chart audit of RH indicators during implementation (October 2017–June 2018)

From: Providing reproductive health services for women who inject drugs: a pilot program

Variable N (%)
Total visits 587
Visits with female clients 182 (31% of all visits)
 Female clients under 50 146 (80% of visits by women)
 Primary complaint: repro health 22 (12.8%)
 Primary complaint: wound care 116 (67.4%)
 Primary complaint: primary care 59 (34.3%)
Pap Smear performed 8*
Patient up to date on Pap at end of visit 14 (8.1%)
STD testing performed 11*
Birth control options discussed 15*
Women reporting birth control use 24*
Birth control methods prescribed or placed on-site 5*
Mammogram referrals 4*
  1. *% not given as may not have been indicated for all clients