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Table 1 Categorization of support roles into emotional, tangible, and informational support

From: Social network support and harm reduction activities in a peer researcher-led pilot study, British Columbia, Canada

Role number Support role
Emotional support
Role 15 Talked to me and asked how I was doing
Role 17 Came with me to hospital
Role 16 Know me by first name
Tangible support
Role 4 Provided pipes, alcohol swaps, filters …
Role 9 Provided food, coffee, juice, or water
Role 19 Lent me some money or dope when I was dope sick
Role 10 Performed CPR when I/or someone overdosed
Role 11 Administered naloxone when I/or someone overdosed
Role 12 Called ambulance for help when I/someone overdosed
Role 14 Broke up fight
Role 21 Lent me some money for food when I was hungry
Role 1 Told me about detox
Role 2 Taught me how to fix my pipe or my dope
Role 3 Told me about Insite/VANDU/or other harm reduction places
Role 5 Referred me to a nurse or a doctor
Role 6 Referred me to a homeless shelter
Role 7 Referred me to a place where I could get food
Role 8 Referred me to a pharmacy where I could get methadone
Role 13 Provided harm reduction education
Role 18 Referred me to a welfare office
Role 20 Referred me to a good dealer
Role 22 Told me where to get naloxone
Role 23 Showed me how to use naloxone