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Table 6 Characteristics and pattern of using syringe and needle by people who inject drugs in Addis Ababa and Hawassa, December 2019

From: Population estimation and harm reduction among people who inject drugs in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Syringe and needle use pattern Frequency Percent
Use of new syringe and needle for the last injection
 Yes 76 27.5
 No 200 72.5
Frequency of using previously used syringe/needle
 Never shared 225 81.5
 One or two times 29 10.5
 Three or more times 22 8.0
Number of people who used a syringe in common
 One to 3 other people 18 35.3
 Four or more people 33 64.7
Number of new people who shared a syringe
 No one 14 27.5
 One to two 33 64.7
 Three or more people 4 7.8