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Table 1 Interview questions generating interview data about tampering of CCM

From: Identification of factors influencing tampering of codeine-containing medicines in England: a qualitative study

Questions Prompts
When did you first start taking codeine? What prompted you to start?
What products did you use?
Was this prescribed or not?
How did it make you feel?
What were the effects?
What were you thinking/doing?
Can you describe your pattern of codeine use over time? How has your use of codeine changed (increased/ decreased; same/different products?)
How do you explain the change of use?
Could you tell me about your current use of codeine? What codeine products do you take and how much?
When - time of day?
With whom?
What are your awareness of potential harm?  
Did you ever source information on codeine on the internet? From where?
Why/why not?