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Table 2 Hepatitis C knowledge questions and response rates (n = 11)

From: A qualitative study of perceived barriers to hepatitis C care among people who did not attend appointments in the non-urban US South

Hepatitis C knowledge questions Correct responses N (%)
Most people with hepatitis C do not have symptoms. 9 (82)
True, false
Most people with hepatitis C know they are infected. 9 (82)
True, false
A person who injected drugs one time should be tested for hepatitis C. 10 (91)
True, false
A person born between 1945 and 1965 should be tested for hepatitis C. 9 (82)
True, false
Hepatitis C can cause: 9 (82)
Cirrhosis, liver failure, liver cancer, all of the above
With treatment, what percent of people with hepatitis C can be cured? 9 (82)
< 25%, 50%, 75%, > 90%
  1. Answer choices are in italics following question stem. Correct answer choice is in bold. Questions are adapted from the Centers for Disease Control Hepatitis C fact sheet, the World Health Organization Hepatitis C webpage, and Zeremski et al. [34]