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Table 6 Operational costs of SCS that allow non-injection routes of consumption

From: To what extent do supervised drug consumption services incorporate non-injection routes of administration? A systematic scoping review documenting existing facilities

Name (location) Location Operational costs as reported Annual operational costs in USDa Citation
DCR Bonn, Ragazza, and Skyen Bonn and Hamburg, Germany
Copenhagen, Denmark
Cost per participant in mobile SCS higher than fixed-site SCS (less visits per day yet require similar staffing levels) NA [44]
Indro Munster, Germany Annual cost: €125,000.00 $187,488.11b [37]
Pauluskerk Rotterdam, Netherlands Annual budget: ƒ1,200,000.00 $1,163,954.24c [34]
Unsanctioned inhalation facility Vancouver, Canada Annual volunteer stipends: $47,203.00 CAD Annual volunteer stipends: $64,068.74d [41]
   Annual rent and drug use equipment: $50,000.00 CAD Annual rent and drug use equipment: $55,713.91d  
   Total annual cost: $97,203.00 CAD Total annual cost: $108,311.06d  
  1. NA not applicable
  2. aExchange rates based on the first day of the month in which the article was published and then adjusted for inflation in 2020
  3. b1 Euro = 1.07640 USD (2003); $134,550.00 USD (2003)
  4. c1 NLG = 0.54666 USD (1993); $655,988.00 USD (1993)
  5. d1 CAD = 0.82095 USD (2004); annual volunteer stipend: $38,751.40 USD (2004); annual rent and drug use equipment: $41,047.60 USD (2004); total annual cost: $79,798.90 USD (2004)