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Table 1 Areas, themes, categories and examples of quotes

From: A qualitative study of facilitators and barriers to participate in a needle exchange program for women who inject drugs

Area Theme Category Example of quote
Facilitators Easily accessible services Sterile injecting equipment
SRHR services
Social support and counselling
HIV and HCV testing and treatment
“…much help available under one roof that you would otherwise not get access to”
”It has made a huge difference for many, for example receiving treatment for hepatitis C”
  Staff’s approach Respectful treatment
Practical support
”I have never felt ashamed or anything here, they [the staff], have helped me (…) get in contact with social services”
Barriers Fear of negative consequences Fear of losing custody of children
Fear of male partner jealousy and violence
Fear of the waiting area
Fear of being identified as a person who use drugs
Fear of utilizing health care services due to previous bad experiences
Fear of testing with the risk of being infected by HIV or hepatitis
“I know two people who do not want to come here because they have under-aged children”
“My boyfriend and I argue almost every time after I have visited the NEP, He is like: ‘who did you meet?!’ I am like ‘are you going to be jealous for that too?’ I can imagine that’s what it’s like for women who have men who don’t want them to come here [the NEP]”
  Practical issues Geographical distance
Opening hours
“I think it is a pity that it [the NEP] is only open a bit longer once a week. I have had trouble getting here in time”
Improvement suggestions Women only NEP Opening hours for women only
A site only for women
”Open a women’s clinic”
  Specific needs for women Extended sexual and reproductive health services
Education on sexual health
Pregnancy and maternity groups
“In general I think that asking more questions about birth control methods and such is important”
  Practical improvements Extended opening hours
Mobile/shelter units
Improved information regarding NEP
“there should be more information about the needle exchange programme at addiction treatment services”