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Table 3 Reasons for using drugs alone reported by participants of the 2018 Harm Reduction Client Survey that reported using drugs alone in the last 7 days

From: Convenience and comfort: reasons reported for using drugs alone among clients of harm reduction sites in British Columbia, Canada

Reason for using drugs alone Participants using drugs alone (n = 314) n (%)
Convenience and comfort 139 (44.3%)
Don’t want others to know/stigma 44 (14.0%)
Was alone/had no one to use witha 37 (11.7%)
It’s safer to be alone 30 (9.6%)
Do not want to share/cheaper to use alonea 27 (8.6%)
Other reasonsa 19 (6.1%)
Prefer not to say 31 (9.9%)
No response 19 (6.1%)
  1. Participants could identify more than one reason for using alone
  2. aReasons identified through thematic analysis of free-text responses