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Fig. 1

From: Lessons learned from the Amsterdam Cohort Studies among people who use drugs: a historical perspective

Fig. 1

Trends in methadone use, needle and syringe program participation and injection drug use among 1303 PWUD participating in the ACS with at least two cohort visits (1986–2015).

PWUD, people who use drugs; PWID, people who inject drugs; NSP, needle and syringe program; ACS, Amsterdam Cohort Studies; IDU, injection drug use. Yearly proportions were calculated by aggregating any report of methadone use (any dose), NSP participation or injection drug use by calendar year among PWUD with a cohort visit in that particular year. Data from 1985 were excluded as there were only 13 records. Data were censored in 2015 (end of data collection). b Both current or former PWID only. c Lifetime PWID reporting IDU since the previous visit

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