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Table 2 Harm reduction interventions

From: Lisbon’s COVID 19 response: harm reduction interventions for people who use alcohol and other drugs in emergency shelters

Service Providers Uptake, when known
Mobile drug consumption room NGOs GAT/Médicos do Mundo 22 people
10 visits daily
Needle and syringe program/crack pipes NGOs Crescer/GAT/Médicos do Mundo 4029 needles/syringes
155 crack pipes
Training in overdose response, nasal naloxone distribution NGOs GAT/Médicos do Mundo 63 people trained (staff and clients)
Treatment to prevent alcohol withdrawal syndrome (Diazepam (10 mg); Thiamine, Folate and Tiapride (100 mg), 2 × daily) NHS: Unidade de Alcoologia de Lisboa 22 people