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Table 3 Other social and health interventions

From: Lisbon’s COVID 19 response: harm reduction interventions for people who use alcohol and other drugs in emergency shelters

Service Providing entity Uptake, when known
Psychiatric support NHS: Centro Hospitalar Psiquiátrico de Lisboa, Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Norte, Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Oriental, Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Central 170 appointments, 100 people between March and 25th June
Social support and accompaniments to social services and medical appointments NGOs coordinated by Ares do Pinhal 102 referrals to state social support
45 referrals to the hospital
18 referrals to embassies
7 transportations to other cities
Support for employment NGO Rede Emprega 95 people
51 looking for a job
44 working
Housing First project for people who experience chronic homelessness and use drugs NGO Crescer 54 referred
23 integrated in individual houses
8 waiting for integration