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Table 1 Association between the research questions, the themes and the topics of the discussion

From: “Drugs are a taboo”: a qualitative and retrospective study on the role of education and harm reduction strategies associated with the use of psychoactive substances under the age of 18

 Topics of the discussion Goal of each research question Connection with the theme and subthemes of the thematic analyse
The needs of the young people who use drugs and their view about the existing services 2b—Youngster’s perspective about how their need should have answered The perceptions of the adolescents about the need for support when using drugs No need for support
    Need for information
    Need for confidentiality in medical intervention
    Support from the informal network
   The vulnerability spectrum
The importance of education about drugs 2a—Youngster’s perspective about education about drugs in formal and informal contexts The use of drugs as something undesirable Drug education as a tool for dissuasion
   Education about drugs as a tool to literacy Transmission of information
    Relevance of someone with experience in the topic
    The role of school
    The role of family
  2c—Youngster’s perspective a out their vision about services and institutions The characterization of police intervention
Harm reduction—its potential 1. The perspective of Harm Reduction Professionals about: the dimension, the needs and the obstacles that adolescents´ drug users face when using harm reduction services Harm reduction as a useless answer to the problem
   Absence of minors in the harm reduction teams Stigma as a barrier
    Lack of knowledge about how to act
  3—The relevance of Harm Reduction philosophy The usefulness of harm reduction services Promotion of the transmission of information for safer drug use
   Harm reduction as a philosophy and not just a service The extension of harm reduction intervention
    The diversification of the application of harm reduction to different contexts