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Table 1 Scoping literature review search strategies

From: Impact of tobacco and/or nicotine products on health and functioning: a scoping review and findings from the preparatory phase of the development of a new self-report measure

Search No

Search terms


Smoke OR Smoking or Tobacco OR Nicotine OR E-cigarette OR Vaping OR Snus OR Snuff OR Smokeless OR Smoking Cessation OR Waterpipe OR Hookah OR Novel tobacco product OR Modified risk tobacco product OR Reduced risk tobacco product


Symptom* OR Impact OR Burden OR Effect OR Quality of life OR QOL OR Well-being OR Lived experience OR ICF OR Environment OR Benefit OR Functioning OR Stress OR Activity of Daily Living or ADL OR Benefit OR Mental Health or Depression OR Anxiety OR Health status OR Cognition OR Concentration OR Memory OR Mobility OR Physical functioning OR Pain OR Discomfort OR Self-care OR Hygiene OR Getting along OR Social support OR Social functioning OR Stigma OR Role functioning OR School OR Work OR Productivity OR Leisure OR Volunteer OR Disability OR Health OR Self-esteem OR Self-confidence OR Self-efficacy


Qualitative OR Interpretive phenomenological analysis OR IPA OR Thematic analysis OR Grounded theory OR Content analysis OR Discourse OR Interviews OR Focus groups OR Ethnograph*


Quantitative OR Measure OR Questionnaire OR Patient reported outcome OR Health outcomes OR Instrument OR Diary OR Outcome OR Scale OR Survey OR Rating scale OR Linear scale OR Visual analogue scale OR VAS OR Index OR Outcome assessment OR Clinical outcome assessment OR ICF OR International Classification OR International Classification of Functioning OR WHODAS

Qualitative search strategy

1 AND 2 AND 3

Quantitative Search Strategy

1 AND 2 AND 4