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Table 3 Main reasons participants had delayed or not sought care for a SSTI (N = 46)

From: Treatment experiences for skin and soft tissue infections among participants of syringe service programs in North Carolina

  Number of Participants Percent of Participants, %
Judgement or mistreatment by medical staff 25 54.3
Self-treatment 24 52.2
Too busy or it takes too much time 17 37.0
Legal concerns (e.g., warrants, child protective services) 14 30.4
Bad experiences when sought care other times 13 28.3
Costs too much 7 15.2
Wanting to avoid withdrawal from being in the hospital 6 13.0
Transportation barriers 6 13.0
Thought it would go away on its own 6 13.0
Afraid of finding out the infection is serious 5 10.9
Worried about the medical procedures (e.g., drainage) 3 6.5