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Table 2 Examples of interconnectedness of themes and Health Belief Model constructs

From: Long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs) as harm reduction: a qualitative study exploring views of women with histories of opioid misuse

Illustrative quotes Themes HBM constructs
“I don’t worry about getting pregnant because I haven’t been able to, according to doctors.” Reproductive experiences and self-perceptions
Healthcare attitudes/experiences
Perceived susceptibility to unintended pregnancy
“[Women with OUD] don’t want to have any more children because they’d get them taken away… I don’t want to have another one and think I can keep it, and one relapse means I never see it again.” Relationship with drugs
Reproductive experiences and self-perceptions
Perceived severity of unintended pregnancy
“I was just like, oh, I just wish I could get pregnant so he'll keep me forever. He won't hurt me no more. Maybe he'll love me more if I had his baby.” Sexual partner dynamics Perceived severity of unintended pregnancy
“So it makes it really hard when they have expectations of you and want you to have your insurance cards, and you have to have this or this, and you ain't got it because you've been pick-pocketed. But yet, it's like they're saying, ‘Well, we care about your health, but we don't care about your health because you ain't got insurance, so we can't help you.’” Access
Healthcare attitudes/experiences
Perceived barriers to contraception
“But then other girls who have been through it (pregnancy), they want birth control. But they're like me; they don't know anything about birth control. They don't know what kind of doctors. They don't have financial means to see a doctor. They don't even know how much it even costs to get birth control” Awareness of contraception options
Perceived barriers to contraception
“It’s (the implant) the best thing that ever happened to me. It’d be perfect for a woman in recovery because if we relapse…I’m not going to go to the doctor.” Reproductive experiences and self-perceptions
Awareness of contraception options
Relationship with drugs
Self-efficacy for contraception
"Everybody that I know in my family that have had their tubes tied, it only went right after the baby. Everytime. …And this piece of it (long-acting reversible contraception) had been an option, and I was trying to get clean, then maybe I would have thought about it." Reproductive experiences and self-perceptions
Awareness of contraception options
Cues to action for contraception care-seeking
  1. Excerpts were chosen to illustrate the interconnectedness of the themes and HBM constructs. They are not meant to solely define each theme or construct
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