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Archived Comments for: Decreased respiratory symptoms in cannabis users who vaporize

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  1. Overheating

    Frank Blackfire, n/a

    31 October 2007

    Did you find anyone in your study exhibit symptoms of excessive sweating. I have smoked Cannabis for more than 20 years. I smoked Cannabis like people smoke cigarettes, from morning till night and now I get hot flushes and do not know what I can do about it. I was wondering if anyone in your study had experienced this and what they have done about it.

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  2. Which vaporizer was used for the studies?

    Taylor Murray, norml

    18 July 2009

    I couldn't seem to find any information in this article that describes which vaporizer in particular was used for these studies. I believe this is an important factor, because different vaporizers will produce different results. This question is being addressed in vaporizer articles from a large vaporizer store.

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