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Table 1 Patients' characteristics, cannabis use, and medication

From: Do patients think cannabis causes schizophrenia? - A qualitative study on the causal beliefs of cannabis using patients with schizophrenia

subject age sex Initials use of cannabis prescribed drugs at time of interview** diagnosis (ICD-10) occupation
     starting age years of consumption max. quanity in joints/d way of consumption frequency of use    
VP1 26 m P.O. 12 14 10 smoking 2-3/w none F20.0 F12.24 F20.0, disability pension commercial clerk,
VP2 27 m P.A. 16 11 7 smoking 2/w C, AD, B F11.22, F12.25, F14.26, F13.20 disability pension medical school
VP3 42 m M.B. 14/15 27 12 smoking daily N F20.0 F.12.25 drop out commercial clerk,
VP4 27 m K.C. 12 15 20 smoking 2/w M, B, N F20.0, F11.22, F12.24 disability pension commercial clerk,
VP5 36 m S.F. 16 20 3 smoking daily N, AD F20.0, F12.25, F33.0 50% workload lumberjack,
VP6 43 m H.G 20 23 15 smoking 1-2/w N, AD F11.22, F12.24, F20.0 disability pension high school drop
VP7 34 m Z.A. 17 17 15 smoking sporadic N, MS, M F20.03, F12.20 out, disability pension
VP8 51 m R.S. 17 34 10 smoking sporadic N, MS, AD F20.0, F43.1, F14.2, F12.24 mason, disability pension
VP9 44 f N.A. 20 24 5 smoking sporadic N F41.3, F20.0,12.24 social worker, 100% workload
VP10 53 f B.L. 16 37 4 smoking sporadic N, B F20.01, F11.22, F12.2, F50.1 waitress, 100% workload
  1. **AD = antidepressants; N = neuroleptics; R = Ritalin®; C = Concerta®; B = benzodiazepines; M = modafinil; MS = mood stabilizers