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Table 2 CD4 count at ART initiation among men receiving MMT vs two comparators not receiving MMT

From: Retrospective analysis of antiretroviral therapy uptake and retention of male clients receiving methadone maintenance therapy in two provinces in Vietnam: potential synergy of the two therapies

  Number Median age (IQR) Median CD4 count at ART initiation (IQR), cells/mm3 p value
Males receiving MMT 28 34 (31–38) 203 (57–273) 0.038
Males who self-reported injection drug use and not receiving MMT 167 32 (29–36) 80 (42–222)  
Males receiving MMT 28 34 (31–38) 203 (57–273) 0.009
Males not receiving MMT 428 33 (30–38) 76 (23–208)  
Females (not self-reporting injection drug use) 265 31 (28–36) 184 (68–278)  
  1. Females were not included in the analysis, since very few females reported injection drug use. Mann-Whitney test was used to compare the values between those receiving and not receiving MMT