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Table 1 Articles included in the literature review arranged by year of publication

From: Housing First and harm reduction: a rapid review and document analysis of the US and Canadian open-access literature

Author(s) Year Title Article type Country Harm reduction mentioned
Tsemberis, Gulcur, and Nakae [70] 2004 Housing First, consumer choice, and harm reduction for homeless individuals with a dual diagnosis Research USA Yes
Milby, Schumacher, Wallace, Freedman, and Vuchinich [71] 2005 To house or not to house: the effects of providing housing to homeless substance abusers in treatment Research USA No
Dickson-Gomez, Convey, Hilario, Corbett, and Weeks [72] 2007 Unofficial policy: access to housing, housing information and social services among homeless drug users in Hartford, Connecticut Research USA No
Kertesz et al. [59] 2007 Long-term housing and work outcomes among treated cocaine-dependent homeless persons Research USA No
Padgett [38] 2007 There’s no place like (a) home: ontological security among persons with serious mental illness in the United States Research USA Yes
Buchanan, Kee, Sadowski, and Garcia [56] 2009 The health impact of supportive housing for HIV-positive homeless patients: a randomized controlled trial Research USA No
Kertesz, Crouch, Milby, Cusimano, and Schumacher [44] 2009 Housing First for homeless persons with active addiction: are we overreaching? Research USA Yes
Parker [58] 2010 Housing as an intervention on hospital use: access among chronically homeless persons with disabilities Research USA No
Tsai, Mares, and Rosenheck [57] 2010 A multisite comparison of supported housing for chronically homeless adults: “Housing First” versus “residential treatment first” Research USA No
Fitzpatrick-Lewis et al. [47] 2011 Effectiveness of interventions to improve the health and housing status of homeless people: a rapid systematic review Literature review USA No
Goering et al. [53] 2011 The At Home/Chez Soi trial protocol: a pragmatic, multi-site, randomised controlled trial of a Housing First intervention for homeless individuals with mental illness in five Canadian cities Protocol Canada No
Henwood, Stanhope, and Padgett [50] 2011 The role of housing: a comparison of front-line provider views in housing first and traditional programs Research USA No
Raven, Doran, Kostrowski, Gillespie, and Elbel [73] 2011 An intervention to improve care and reduce costs for high-risk patients with frequent hospital admissions: a pilot study Research USA Yes
Padgett, Stanhope, Henwood, and Stefancic [74] 2011 Substance use outcomes among homeless clients with serious mental illness: comparing Housing First with treatment first programs Research USA Yes
Collins, Malone, Clifasefi, et al. [75] 2012 Project-based Housing First for chronically homeless individuals with alcohol problems: within-subjects analyses of 2-year alcohol trajectories Research USA No
Hwang, Stergiopoulos, O’Campo, and Gozdzik [76] 2012 Ending homelessness among people with mental illness: the At Home/Chez Soi randomized trial of a Housing First intervention in Toronto Research Canada Yes
Tsemberis, Kent, and Respress [77] 2012 Housing stability and recovery among chronically homeless persons with co-occuring disorders in Washington, DC Research USA Yes
Stergiopoulos et al. [78] 2012 Moving from rhetoric to reality: adapting Housing First for homeless individuals with mental illness from ethno-racial groups Research Canada Yes
Collins, Clifasefi, Andrasik, et al. [45] 2012 Exploring transitions within a project-based Housing First setting: qualitative evaluation and practice implications Research USA Yes
Collins, Malone, and Larimer [41] 2012 Motivation to change and treatment attendance as predictors of alcohol-use outcomes among project-based Housing First residents Research USA Yes
Collins, Clifasefi, Dana, et al. [63] 2012 Where harm reduction meets housing first: exploring alcohol’s role in a project-based Housing First setting Research USA Yes
Collins, Malone, and Clifasefi [79] 2013 Housing retention in single-site Housing First for chronically homeless individuals with severe alcohol problems Research USA No
Henwood, Shinn, Tsemberis, and Padgett [40] 2013 Examining provider perspectives within Housing First and traditional programs Research USA Yes
Henwood, Stanhope, et al. [62] 2013 Addressing chronic disease within supportive housing programs Research USA No
O’Toole et al. [60] 2013 New to care: demands on a health system when homeless veterans are enrolled in a medical home model Research USA No
Owczarzak, Dickson-Gomez, Convey, and Weeks, [36] 2013 What is “support” in supportive housing: client and service providers’ perspectives Research USA Yes
Palepu, Patterson, Moniruzzaman, Frankish, and Somers [48] 2013 Housing First improves residential stability in homeless adults with concurrent substance dependence and mental disorders Research Canada No
Patterson, Rezansoff, Currie, and Somers [54] 2013 Trajectories of recovery among homeless adults with mental illness who participated in a randomised controlled trial of Housing First: a longitudinal, narrative analysis Research Canada No
Somers, Patterson, et al. [61] 2013 Vancouver At Home: pragmatic randomized trials investigating Housing First for homeless and mentally ill adults Research Canada No
Somers, Rezansoff, Moniruzzaman, Palepu, and Patterson [42] 2013 Housing First reduces re-offending among formerly homeless adults with mental disorders: results of a randomized controlled trial Research Canada Yes
Srebnik, Connor, and Sylla [80] 2013 A pilot study of the impact of Housing First–supported housing for intensive users of medical hospitalization and sobering services Research USA Yes
Stefancic et al. [37] 2013 Implementing Housing First in rural areas: Pathways Vermont Research USA Yes
Adair et al. [55] 2014 Development and initial validation of the Observer-Rated Housing Quality Scale (OHQS) in a multisite trial of Housing First Research Canada No
Farquhar, Ryder, Henderlong, Lowe, and Amann [81] 2014 Listening to consumer perspectives to inform addictions and housing-related practice and research Research USA No
Fleury, Grenier, and Vallée [82] 2014 Evaluation of the implementation of the Montreal At Home/Chez Soi project Research Canada No
Kertesz et al. [83] 2014 Making Housing First happen: organizational leadership in VA’s expansion of permanent supportive housing Research USA Yes
Kirst, Zerger, Harris, Plenert, and Stergiopoulos [52] 2014 The promise of recovery: narratives of hope among homeless individuals with mental illness participating in a Housing First randomised controlled trial in Toronto, Canada Research Canada No
Mackelprang, Collins, and Clifasefi [84] 2014 Housing First is associated with reduced use of emergency medical services Research USA No
Stergiopoulos et al. [39] 2014 Housing First: exploring participants’ early support needs Research Canada Yes
Aubry, Nelson, and Tsemberis [85] 2015 Housing First for people with severe mental illness who are homeless: a review of the research and findings from the At Home–Chez Soi demonstration project Research Canada No
Goering and Streiner [86] 2015 Putting housing first: the evidence and impact Editorial/opinion Canada No
Henwood, Byrne, and Scriber [87] 2015 Examining mortality among formerly homeless adults enrolled in Housing First: an observational study Research USA No
Henwood, Stefancic, et al. [88] 2015 Social relationships of dually diagnosed homeless adults following enrollment in Housing First or traditional treatment services Research USA No
Kertesz, Austin, Holmes, Pollio, and Lukas [89] 2015 Housing First and the risk of failure: a comment on Westermeyer and Lee (2013) Editorial/opinion USA Yes
Ly and Latimer [90] 2015 Housing First impact on costs and associated cost offsets: a review of the literature Research USA No
Smelson [91] 2015 A cluster randomized Hybrid Type III trial testing an implementation support strategy to facilitate the use of an evidence-based practice in VA homeless programs Protocol USA No
Stergiopoulos et al. [43] 2015 Effectiveness of Housing First with intensive case management in an ethnically diverse sample of homeless adults with mental illness: a randomized controlled trial Research Canada Yes
Woodhall-Melnik et al. [49] 2015 The impact of a 24-month Housing First intervention on participants’ body mass index and waist circumference: Results from the At Home/Chez Soi Toronto site randomized controlled trial Research Canada No
Brown et al. [92] 2016 Pathways to homelessness among older homeless adults: results from the HOPE HOME study Research USA No
Gabrielian et al. [93] 2016 Factors associated with premature exits from supported housing Research USA No
Kennedy et al. [94] 2016 A computer-assisted motivational social network intervention to reduce alcohol, drug and HIV risk behaviors among Housing First residents Protocol USA No
Killaspy [95] 2016 Supported accommodation for people with mental health problems Editorial/opinion USA No
O’Campo et al. [96] 2016 How did a Housing First intervention improve health and social outcomes among homeless adults with mental illness in Toronto? Two-year outcomes from a randomised trial Research Canada No
Stergiopoulos et al. [97] 2016 The effectiveness of a Housing First adaptation for ethnic minority groups: findings of a pragmatic randomized controlled trial Research Canada No
Pauly et al. [46] 2016 Finding safety: a pilot study of managed alcohol program participants’ perceptions of housing and quality of life Research Canada Yes