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Table 2 Participants’ perspectives on government and industry framing of gambling and suggestions for alternative framing

From: From problem people to addictive products: a qualitative study on rethinking gambling policy from the perspective of lived experience

Government and industry perspectives Participants’ perspectives
Gaming machines as:
• Safe
• Entertaining
• Beneficial to the community
Gaming machines as:
• Risky
• Designed to addict
• Harmful for the community
Problems from gambling as:
• Rare
• Based in gambler behaviour
• Caused by 'problem gambling' and 'problem gamblers'
Problems from gambling as:
• Common in people who use EGMs regularly
• Due to the addictive nature of machines
• Caused by 'gambling addiction'
• Happening to 'people with gambling problems'
Solutions for problem gambling:
• Based on the personal responsibility of gamblers
Solutions for problem gambling:
• Based on public health
• Require changes to government and industry behaviours
Policy responses:
• Focus on treatment
• Focus on individual behaviour
Policy responses:
• Reducing accessibility to EGMs
• Making products and venue environments safer
• Educating the community about harm
Implications for gamblers:
• Stigma
• Blame
Implications for gamblers:
• Reduced stigma and blame
• Reduced harm