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Table 1 The consensual qualitative research process

From: Assessing pharmacy student experience with, knowledge of and attitudes towards harm reduction: illuminating barriers to pharmacist-led harm reduction

Coding cycle Coding step Description of coding step
First cycle CQR: Independent holistic coding • Transcripts were de-identified, including students name and campus.
• Read transcriptions
• Identify topic areas that represent what the participants say
• Circle or section off blocks of the narrative that fall under a particular topic area
• Identify or propose a domain name for that topic area
CQR: Meeting #1 • Discuss how each team member reached domain names by discussing raw data
• Reach consensus on domain names
• Reach consensus on core ideas
• Discuss how each team member decided on category names by discussing data presented in table
• Reach consensus on categories
Code mapping (first iteration) • Compile all domains with the corresponding blocks of data
• Develop core ideas to include in table format
• Sort the table by domain in order to have all like domains next to one another
• Auditor reviews list to finalize first iteration table
Second cycle CQR: Independent descriptive
• Read transcripts for a second time
• Color code sections that were placed in domains so that each coder could confirm they agreed with the placement.
Model generation • Organize domains and categories using a Model of Critical Pedagogy to create a visualization of important themes and information
• Final organization of domains and subdomains to allow for best sense presentation