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Table 1 Overview of the research process

From: Partnering with persons in long-term recovery from substance use disorder: experiences from a collaborative research project

Time frame 2015 2016 2017–2018
Process Preparation Group discussions 1–4 Group discussions 5–9 Articles published/in review Group discussion 10 Principal investigator
Method and objective Establishing agreement to include patients from two cohort studies (COMORB) Establishing the PRG.
Agreement on working conditions.
Feedback on and review of the interview guide
Data analysis of the working steps and of the PRG members’ experience of the process Journal publications and dissemination.
PRG members as co-authors and dissemination to remaining PRG members
Data analysis of the PRG members’ experience of the process Reflections on the research process with the PRG
Data material (reports, recordings, transcribed interviews) Reports from three meetings.
Obtaining approval from the Ethical Committee for Health Research Ethics
Reports from four meetings Reports, digital recordings, and transcriptions from five meetings. Art. (1) Why those with SUD stop abusing substances?
Art. (2) Helpful ingredients in the treatment of SUD (in press)
Art. (3) How social relationships influence SUD recovery
Art. (4) A popular scientific article based on article 1, published in Norwegian
Each article distributed to the PRG
Report, digital recording, and transcription of a 2-h meeting Summary of continuous notetaking