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Table 4 Contact with social services and the Prison and Probation Service during the year prior to death. Percentages

From: Investigating opioid-related fatalities in southern Sweden: contact with care-providing authorities and comparison of substances

 Methadone (n = 82) (reference)Buprenorphine (n = 30)Heroin (n = 40)Fentanyl (n = 28)Total (n = 180)
Social services contact73.250.0*75.071.469.4
Addiction unit61.040.4*60.060.757.2
Voluntary care52.433.347.550.047.8
Compulsory care investigation17.16.717.514.315.0
Compulsory careb6.
Contact with one or more authorities89.086.790.092.989.4
  1. Methadone is the reference value for x2 comparisons between the substances
  2. *p value of < 0.05
  3. bFisher’s exact test used for this variable